Residential Septic Systems

home_residentialWetlandsPacific Corp. installs and maintains onsite wastewater management and treatment systems. Each design is tailored to the individual lot and, where possible, to the preferences of the owners. When coupled with our patented Vegetative Tertiary Filter, valuable yard space can be saved. Your onsite system can now be an attractive garden, a landscape feature, or blend into the natural background. No ugly sand mounds!

Commercial Septic Systems

home_commercialWe have designed, installed and maintain many wastewater management systems for commercial developments. Installed systems include shopping centres, industrial plants, business parks, equipment supply facilities, stores and other businesses. Due to their unique operational characteristics, the design of wastewater management for commercial developments requires the specialized knowledge we have developed through extensive experience.


home_developmentsWastewater management for subdivisions can be designed in a variety of ways, depending upon the developer's overall business plan. Options range from preparing a legal plan for each lot, which allows the purchaser to install an individual onsite system to designing a cluster system for multiple lots. There is typically an economy to having more than one lot on a system although the capital requirements are greater.


home_industrialIndustrial activities often have specialized requirements for wastewater management systems. Our expertise cover designing, installing and maintaining industrial activities including landfill leachate. Due to their unique operational characteristics, the design of systems for industrial developments requires the specialized knowledge we have developed through extensive experience.


home municipal2The company has held several contracts to work with communities to develop a conceptual design for a wetland and to conduct feasibility and scientific studies related to a wide range of wetland activities.


mikeandreece_small Regular maintenance keeps your system in good working condition and minimizes costly repairs. We offer maintenance services for all brands of treatment systems.


WetlandsPacific Corp. provides design and CAD services including producing a Filing Package required by Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) for the installation of a wastewater treatment system.   The filing package is prepared by a certified R.OW.P., Planner and Installer with 20 plus years of experience.

VIHA Documents include:

  • Filing of Sewerage System Form
  • Design Drawings with Design Rationale and Specifications
  • Sewerage Letter of Certification for your stamp at end of project

CAD Drawings include:

  • Site plan and design details and Component specifications
  • As-Builts at end of project
  • Inquire about a free estimate, depending upon your location!

For more information contact WetlandsPacific Corp. at 250-722-7117.


WetlandsPacific Corp. is an innovative, water and onsite wastewater design, construction, management, and service company. As leader in biologically advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions since 1994, we continue to research innovative products and solutions to promote a sustainable environment. We provide ecologically intelligent, environmentally sensitive, consistently proven, economically considerate water and wastewater treatment, dispersal and reclamation solutions, which typically exceed all regulatory standards. We offer a range of onsite wastewater dispersal solutions for single and multi-family dwellings, sub-divisions, commercial, industrial and municipal purposes.


Wastewater Treatment Plants .... Wastewater System Maintenance
Stocked locally for rapid delivery .... Maintenance of all types of systems
Free Water Surface Constructed Wetlands .... Vegetative Tertiary Filter
For a wide variety of wastewater flows .... Allows building on the most difficult sites
At-Grade Systems .... Reed Beds
For use on undisturbed forest soils .... For septic / sludge treatment
Greywater Wetlands   Rainwater Catchment
What is “Greywater”?   Promotes self sufficiency



News Headlines

September, 2014 Sheila Colbert-Kerns, President, attended the invitation only Competitive B. Business Leaders Regional Roundtable hosted by BC Chamber of Commerce.

In July 2014 WetlandsPacific Corp. is proud to have been awarded the contract to design the upgrade to the municipal wastwater system for the Village of Zeballos. The up-grade is a collaborative arrangement between the Village of Zeballos and the Ehattesaht/Chinehkint First Nation. The primary purpose of the upgrade is to support the Ehattesaht housing development.

WetlandsPacific Corp. was awarded a contract by the Capital Regional District for the provision of consulting services for a "Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design for a Constructed Wetland to Treat Septage/Sludge Effluent", October 2012

Ducks Unlimited Canada Wetlands Appreciated 1st place award received by Judie Steeves for her article "Treat Water with Wetlands", which is based on Curt Kerns' presentation at the Osoyoos Water Science Forum

Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) now requires rainwater harvesting systems in Electoral Area "A" (view map) on new developments. For further information view the RDN rainwater brochure.

WetlandsPacific Corp selected to design a constructed wetland for treating the City of Terrace's landfill leachate, June 2012

CAN/CSA-B66 Standard Complicance Awarded to new Nayadic M6-EV, June 11, 2012

WetlandsPacific Corp was nominated for the Business Examiner 2012 Award of Excellence for "Going Green", February 2012



BC Hydro Selects VTF Constructed Wetland Technology, BC Hydro has chosen a Vegetative Tertiary Filter as a part of their Sewage Upgrade Project starting with the Cheakamus power generation plant located near Squamish, B.C.

CAN/CSA-B66 Standard Compliance Awarded to Nayadic treatment plants 

First Vancouver Island Company receives IGBC Green Business Certification 

Canadian Patent Awarded to the Vegetative Tertiary Filter 

Winner of BCWWA Decentralized Wastewater Management Award for Excellence for the VTF 

Winner of MISTIC Award for Environmental Technology for the VTF 

Crawford Bay School Receives LEED Point for Vegetative Tertiary Filter Treatment System

Dave is a ROWP registered with ASTTBC as a planner and maintenance provider and is also a registered EOCP. He has over 25 years experience in water and wastewater treatment systems with extensive knowledge in pumps and pump systems. He is currently active in the wastewater industry and serves as a board member on WCOWMA.

Dave studied Geology and Geomorphology at Selkirk College in  Castlegar BC. and received a B.Sc. in engineering from the Montana College of Mineral Sciences. Being raised in a small resource based BC community he became interested in human interaction with the natural environment, therefore is active with many environmentally conscious community groups.  As a long time avid sailor, he and his wife are relocating to Nanaimo from Nelson to enjoy the sailing and take in the extraordinary natural environment.