About Us

WetlandsPacific Corp. is an innovative, onsite wastewater design, construction, management, and service company. The company has been involved in the wastewater management field since 1994. Our wastewater treatment, dispersal and reclamation solutions meet and typically exceed all regulatory standards.

All of the National Sanitation Foundation approved onsite wastewater treatment devices were researched in choosing our advanced secondary wastewater treatment products. The following criteria were used: the best design, construction and function, made by the best company, at the best price. To provide the highest standards of contaminate removal from wastewater of whatever type, we have invented a new class of constructed wetlands,that of capillary, the Vegetative Tertiary Filter (VTF). By using advanced secondary treatment plus a Vegetative Tertiary Filter, we strive to consistently provide the highest standards of contaminant removal from wastewaters of whatever type. As a constructed wetland, the VTF can reduce contaminant loading of even persistent organic pollutants such as DDT to non-detectable levels. Our VTF has been granted two U.S. Patents and one Canadian Patent.

WetlandsPacific Corp. has trained, dedicated employees to assist you. For further information, please contact us at (250) 722-7117.