As part of a renovation project of our house, we decided to upgrade the onsite wastewater treatment system as well. We had an older septic solution that would have soon become inadequate for the increased flows.

Our property, which is located close to Prospect Lake, can easily be classified as a challenging site when it comes to onsite wastewater treatment. The property is a hilly, sloped property with a rocky surface. Access with machinery is not without difficulties and only allows for a small excavator.

We contacted WetlandsPacific, who had successfully designed and installed several systems around Prospect Lake. Our wish was to leave the property as close to the current state as possible which meant that there was no room for a big gravel dispersal field or sand mound. WetlandsPacific specializes in installing wastewater systems on challenging sites close to public waterways, poor and rocky soils and with little environmental impact. The solution to our needs is the Vegetative Tertiary Filter. They custom designed a solution for us, which would blend in really well with the natural environment upon which we signed the install agreement and the work began.

The installers were prompt and professional and did what they had promised to do. Even with limited access for machinery, the team installed the entire system in just four days and left the site as close to undisturbed as possible.

We are more than happy with the work performed by WetlandsPacific, and we know we are not polluting the area but protecting Prospect Lake.

Paul and Sandra Scrimger, Prospect Lake, B.C.



"Please thank Mike sincerely for us. It fixed the problem of the sewer smell we had in our house for such a long time. Thank you."

- M. & J. G., Ladysmith, BC



 "Curt Kerns & staff, WetlandsPacific.  For persevering until you finally got the approval we needed to move ahead with your unique constructed wetlands system for water treatment.  You came through when we needed you and the result was just what we wanted."

- Leon and Tonya Gaber, Stoltz Bluff Eco Retreat, Cowichan Valley, BC


Bwsr Bills Testimonial

Dawn and Lawrence Setter, Bowser Bills RV Park, Bowser, BC


"I would like to express how pleased we were with the service your company provided us. Starting with the office staff who made every effort to get us looked after promptly, to the gentlemen who responded to our plea for assistance, all were extremely helpful. They explained the system that had been installed at our house. We had no idea that there were three tanks. They examined all the treatment plant parts and gave them a clean bill of health. A recommendation to have the tanks cleaned out was given and we have had that done.

We will be referring WetlandsPacific to others that have a septic system that includes a mini treatment plant.

Having an annual inspection by your company will give my husband and me peace of mind re the whole septic operation.

Again, thank you for your prompt response to our problem."

- D.M., Cedar, BC


"Many thanks for coming up so promptly..."

- S.R., Nanoose Bay, BC


"Thanks so much for your assistance. I love your electronic billing system! More importantly, thanks for keeping our water treatment systems running as it should."

- M.H., Victoria, BC


"Thank you for all of your help.  Been a most pleasant experience working with you!"

- T.I., City of Terrace, BC


"I want to pass on my thanks for a fine job that WetlandsPacific personnel did on my septic system on Saltspring Island. You all were very helpful on the phone, Your people arrived on time, they did a thorough job - no wasted time, they did exactly what they said they would do, and the bill was exactly as I expected in terms of labour and materials. While this may not sound like much, it is a novel experience in my view!"

- B.G., Saltspring Island, BC


"It is now three years since the completion of the Vegetative Tertiary Filter System at our home on Prospect Lake in Victoria.  From our initial discussion about the problems facing us in our efforts to repair the original septic system to the ongoing service package that is available to WetlandsPacific clients, our experience with you company has been extraordinary. As we investigated solutions to the environmental concerns involved in a lakefront property, the VTF system proved to be the only system that provided a responsible answer to servicing our low lying property. We appreciated the clear, well researched explanation of how the peat based field would work, the assessment of the property including the valued plants in the garden and the conscientious attitude of the WetlandsPacific staff. The work was completed quickly with minimal impact to the garden and landscaping despite the difficult site.  Over the three years we have seen a significant improvement in the health of the stream and lakeshore and continue to look for ways to minimize the impact of our home in a sensitive ecosystem. Thank you for providing us with an answer to a problem that faces many owners of older homes in rural areas and for your commitment to protecting our environment."

- W.P., Victoria, BC


"My wife and I just finished building our dream home on 10 acres in Central Saanich.   One of our long time dreams was to have a vineyard so you can imagine how frustrated we were told that we would need to install this huge sand mound (that you can’t walk on or do anything with) in the exact location where the vineyard was planned – in our front yard!  Not to mention that we would need to pump the sewage out of our holding tank uphill to the sand mound.

As luck would have it my wife, Jane, came across an ad for WetlandsPacific and that lead me to Curt and his guys – and the fascinating technology called the Vegetative Tertiary Filter or VTF.  We were able to locate the VTF in our back yard, utilizing gravity thus saving electricity (and avoiding problems if the power is out) and avoiding maintenance issues pumps create.  I’m an engineer so all this makes sense to me.  In addition the VTF does a far better job of removing contaminants, look way, way better, take up far less area, - and, oh yea - they cost about the same as a ugly sand mound.

In the year our VTF has been in use we have not had any issues with it.  In fact, because it is a biological system that requires plants, it is developing into one of the prominent features of our garden.

WetlandsPacific personnel have been a delight to work with, being prompt and very conscientious."   

- T.B. P.Eng. Central Saanich