Residential Septic Systems

home_residentialWetlandsPacific Corp. installs and maintains onsite wastewater management and treatment systems. Each design is tailored to the individual lot and, where possible, to the preferences of the owners. When coupled with our patented Vegetative Tertiary Filter, valuable yard space can be saved. Your onsite system can now be an attractive garden, a landscape feature, or blend into the natural background. No ugly sand mounds!

Commercial Septic Systems

home_commercialWe have designed, installed and maintain many wastewater management systems for commercial developments. Installed systems include shopping centres, industrial plants, business parks, equipment supply facilities, stores and other businesses. Due to their unique operational characteristics, the design of wastewater management for commercial developments requires the specialized knowledge we have developed through extensive experience.


home_developmentsWastewater management for subdivisions can be designed in a variety of ways, depending upon the developer's overall business plan. Options range from preparing a legal plan for each lot, which allows the purchaser to install an individual onsite system to designing a cluster system for multiple lots. There is typically an economy to having more than one lot on a system although the capital requirements are greater.


home_industrialIndustrial activities often have specialized requirements for wastewater management systems. Our expertise cover designing, installing and maintaining industrial activities including landfill leachate. Due to their unique operational characteristics, the design of systems for industrial developments requires the specialized knowledge we have developed through extensive experience.


home municipal2The company has held several contracts to work with communities to develop a conceptual design for a wetland and to conduct feasibility and scientific studies related to a wide range of wetland activities.


mikeandreece_small Regular maintenance keeps your system in good working condition and minimizes costly repairs. We offer maintenance services for all brands of treatment systems.

Vegetative Tertiary Filter Awarded Canadian Patent PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 August 2011 14:14

Nanaimo, B.C., March 21, 2011: Curt Kerns, President of WetlandsPacific Corp. today announced a patent was issued by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for the Vegetative Tertiary Filter (VTF), which is a new class of constructed wetland, that of capillary. The VTF is the most biologically advanced yet mechanically simple onsite wastewater reclamation system in use today.

The company has been issued two patents by the U.S. Patent Office for the VTF. The granting of the Canadian patent recognizes the unique and innovative qualities of the invention. Receiving the patent from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office strengthens the company’s position as the leading onsite technology company in Western Canada.

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