Industrial Wastewater Management

Due to unique waste components, industrial activities often have specialized requirements for wastewater management systems. WetlandsPacific has experience with designing, installing and maintaining systems to address the unique operational characteristics of industrial sites including landfill leachate, mine drainage and other industrial contaminates. We have provided treatment solutions for machine shops, industrial plants, equipment supply facilities, landfills and other businesses. The design of wastewater management for industrial developments requires the specialized knowledge we have developed through extensive experience. Contact us to discuss the best option(s) for your property.

Industrial VTF Squamish BC

An industrial VTF for a BC Hydro Generating Station located near Squamish BC, 2011



The first VTF installed in 2002 on an industrial site, which still functions per design.



Five VTF modules installed for an industrial application. 2500 gallon flow per day.