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First Vancouver Island Company receives IGBC Green Business Certification

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For Immediate Release:  Wednesday March 30, 2011

The Institute for Green Business Certification (IGBC) announced today that WetlandsPacific green logo2Corp. has passed acomprehensive “green audit” and achieve the Institute’s “Green Business Certification”.


WetlandsPacific Corp. is an innovative, wastewater design, construction, management and maintenance company specializing in constructed wetlands since 1994. As well as distributing onsite equipment, company owner and chief applied environmental scientist, Curt Kerns, developed and patented the award winning Vegetative Tertiary Filter, a new class of constructed wetlands, that of capillary.  According to Curt Kerns, “obtaining green certification for the business is a natural extension of the sustainable products that we provide and the minimal footprint that we leave on the environment”.  WetlandsPacific Corp. said “We are very excited to be certified as a green company.  We always knew our products are “green” and now to be recognized for our operations being environmentally responsible is very gratifying.”


Dale Bonke, IGBC’s Canadian representative, said “Not only does WetlandsPacific Corp. talk “green” they walk “green”, in both their service to the community and in their business operations.”  He also said “I believe many businesses throughout Canada now are finally becoming more conscious of the environment and the need to operate in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. I’m sure that many will soon follow the example of WetlandsPacific Corp. in becoming green certified.”

IGBC President Garry H. Peterson complimented WetlandsPacific Corp. for their high standards and commitment to the community’s environmental health and well-being, and he congratulated them for achieving Green Business Certification. “You are a leader in the environmental movement and the survival of our world,” Peterson told company representative for WetlandsPacific Corp.

The Institute for Green Business Certification (IGBC) – with offices around the world – is the first international organization of its kind to certify businesses’ environmental practices. It uses a comprehensive Green Audit that is becoming a model for what it means to be a “green business”. The Green Audit evaluates a business in 10 categories including: waste reduction, recycling, reduction in office material usage, purchasing, energy saving, water conservation, pollution prevention, reduction in chemical usage, proper handling of pollutants, and reduced emissions. IGBC’s certification process has been used by medium to large companies around the world – and small companies now have access to IGBC’s internet-based certification process.

IGBC does not offer or sell products or training courses, and does not charge for its literature. It provides consulting to businesses and organizations regarding environmental management and sustainability. IGBC is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. For more information about IGBC, see

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