The Nayadic treatment plant is North America's Leading Fiberglass Extended Aeration Plant for homes, comercial and industrial developments. The Nayadic is available in five different sizes, treatments size capacity ranges from 400 - 1250 imperial gallons per day. Nayadic wastewater treatment plants are fully approved by the BC Ministry of Health, and the National Sanitation Foundation under Standard 40 as a Class I Plant.


Nayadic tank graphic      diagram

                                                               Functional diagram



  • Tank
  • Audible/Visual Alarm Panel
  • External Aerator Compressor
  • Hardware


  • 400 - 1250 imp. gal. Per Day Treatment Capacity


  • Fibreglass Reinforced Resin
  • Weight: 220 kg/485 lbs - 535 kg/1180 lbs

Nayadic Advanced Aerobic Treatment Plants

  • Proven technology. Over 35 years of sales all over the world, North America’s largest selling, widely distributed fiberglass extended aeration treatment plant. Several copy, none duplicate.
  • Superior hydraulic design. No “dead spots”. Using extended aeration, NAYADIC wastewater treatment plants exceed the most stringent water quality standards, removing better than 96% of contaminants. Discharges clear, odorless effluent that protects environment from degradation resulting from using just primary or less efficient secondary treatment plants during our long, wet weather. In most cases restores failed septic fields.
  • Superior Treatment. NAYADIC's industrial rated air compressor produces superior results in real world applications. Home aquaria pumps deliver insufficient oxygen for complete decomposition.
  • Simple. NAYADIC Treatment plants have no internal moving parts. Treatment is supplied by gravity, and an external, industrial-quality air compressor, so if repairs are ever necessary, it can be done external to the plant. NAYADICs are virtually fail-safe with regular servicing.
  • Trained Service and Installation Personnel. Locally based, factory trained personnel assure fast and competent service.
  • Safer Installation. Excavation hole does not require leveling due to unique conical shape. Avoids extensive soil disturbance to meet safety regulations.
  • Cost Competitive. Simplicity of design allows for very competitive pricing.
  • Stocked locally for rapid delivery.

Nayadic Product Brochure

Installing a Nayadic advanced secondary treatment plant is often an excellent way to restore a failed septic field.

Answers to commonly asked onsite septic system questions including "How often does a septic tank have to be pumped?"

Do's and Don'ts for Nayadic wastewater treatment plants.