Compressor Housings

In addition to Consolidated Treatment Systems Inc. non filtered enclosures, WetlandsPacific also offers options for protection of your aerator compressor.

Standard Plywood Pre-filter Box

WetlandsPacific standard plywood pre-filter boxes are optimum for areas protected from exposure to weather. The boxes are precision made with 3/4" plywood and include a standard 16" x 25" x 1" electrostatic furnace filter. Boxes can be mounted to a structure or stand alone on posts. We reccomend that boxes exposed to the elements be painted or stained and include a roof to divert water. Boxes can also be sided to match your dwelling.

$170.00 ea. plus shipping     

WETPAC Standard Plywood Comp Encl with Filter 


Customized Boxes

Customized boxes are available on order. We offer a deluxe enclosure that has a metal roof, siding and trim already installed. This enclosure is ideal in areas directly exposed to the elements. Outdoor control panels can be mounted to this enclosure, keeping all your equipment in a centralized loaction.

Compressor Box with Roof 2Compressor Box with Roof 4Compressor Box with Roof 1Compressor Box with Roof 3