Wastewater Management for Subdivisions

Wastewater management for subdivisions can be designed in a variety of ways, depending upon the developer's overall business plan. Options range from preparing a legal plan for each lot, which allows the purchasers to install an individual onsite system to designing a cluster system for multiple lots. There is typically an economy to having more than one lot on a system although the capital requirements are greater. Contact us to discuss the option(s) best suited to your property and business plan.

 nayadic-wastewater-management-for-subdivision Ladysmith Aerial snip

Four Nayadic treatment plants serving a                                2012 Aerial Photograph                         
22 lot sub-division    

wastewater-treatment-for-subdivision Courtenay Aerial Snip

A 22.7 m2/day (5000 gal/day) Nayadic installation for a 13 lot subdivision utilizing 6 VTFs
       2012 Aerial Photo shows development progress